Software Testing Automation ~ $1,000

One of the major challenges for software testers is lack of proper training in this
field. TechNet Geeks fills this gap by offering software testing training in Vienna, and Herndon, Virginia.
Software testing, especially Automation testing is one of the fastest growing skill gaps in Washington Metropolitan area. A lot of people who have some Manual Testing experience will tremendously benefit from taking the Automation course. Majority of the Software testing jobs are demanding testers to have the skill to create automation scripts to perform testing using Selenium and Java scripts.
TechNet Geeks have developed a course to teach just the right skills in a unique and refined way for students to be able to learn this quickly and effectively. The two-hour class is full of interactive training where you are learning hands-on the highly desired automation skills.

The basic Automation testing covers the following:
Duration 7 weeks ($1,000)
Classes are held on Saturday and Sundays
Course Outline:
- Java introduction and basic
- Preparing the testing environment
- Selenium Web drivers and finding elements
- Enhancing Test scripts with Java, JUnit & TestNG framework
- Data-Driven Testing with.CSV and Excel
- Test reporting Methods and Scheduling Test with ANT
- Data-Drive Testing with JDBC & Page Objects
- Cucumber and BDD Testing
- Agile Methodology

All the classes are recorded, and students have access to the recording to review the class lecture. Throughout the course, students also prepare for interview skills as well as confidence-building so they can crack the job interview. At the end, we offer resume preparation session and enhanced interview coaching and job assistance if the student requires it.

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and Herndon, Virginia

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