A lot of individuals from Vienna, Virginia who apply for agile testing often find the interview process intimidating.  Due to several mistakes, the result isn’t as per their expectations. Through this blog post, we discuss some common interview an applicant should avoid at every cost. Speaking negatively about your previous employer You will look someone 

Clearing the PMP certification exam opens up a lot of opportunities. You can bag an attractive job with good salary package and perks or get a promotion within your organization. But, a planned approach is needed to clear the exam with ease. Various individuals from Vienna, Virginia opt for training for this purpose. We, at 


From getting more opportunities to getting a promotion, there are several benefits associated with a PMP certification. This is the reason a lot of aspirants from Vienna, Virginia connect with us for PMP certification-related preparation. Through this blog post, we discuss some mistakes that the individuals commit related to the PMP exam. Dependency on free 



Even though the software testing is one of the most secure and well-paying professions, a lot of people refrain from choosing it. There are various misconceptions in the mind that keep these individuals away from this promising career path.   We, at Tech Net Geeks, are breaking these myths by offering software testing training. 


If you have acquired technical or management skills, you are 80 percent ready for the interview. The rest 20 percent is all about how you present yourself during the interview.   It is said that your confidence during the interview can supersede your shortcomings related to technical knowledge. This is the reason lots of software 

A lot of individuals who want to make a career in software testing have an impression that it is a branch of software development. Though associated with the software life cycle, testing is different than development. Here, at Tech Net Geeks, we offer software testing training in Vienna, Virginia. Through this blog post, let’s understand 


After acquiring skills related to software testing, the next step is to prepare for the interview. In spite of good testing knowledge, several testers fail in their interview. The reasons can range from lack of confidence to ineffective resume. Not all institutes from Vienna, Virginia offer effective interview preparation tips during their software testing training. 

We, at Technet Geeks LLC, offer software testing to help the individuals get the jobs with a decent salary. The best part of software testing training is that you need not require technology background for gaining these skills. Though, there are some soft skills that can help you a lot during your professional career. These 

Software testing is one of the promising careers paths with handsome salary and satisfying job profile. This is reason numerous professionals look for software testing training in Virginia. To make a career out of this sector, it is also important to stay abreast of the latest trends. Let’s have a brief look at the trends 


The software testing across the globe is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14 percent by 2021. This prediction was made by market research firm TechNavio. And, to meet the demands of this industry, lots of professionals will be needed in 

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