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PMP Training ($500)

No doubt PMP (project management professional) certification exam is not simple. But, if cleared, this exam can give you an edge over other management professionals. Simplify this process of clearing PMP certification with the help of Vienna, Virginia- based TechNet Geeks LLC. This Vienna-based institute offers a Seven-day training camp that guarantees that you will PMP certification exam.

Get attractive offers from renowned firms after getting this certificate. You can find jobs in different industries, such as finance, supply chain, manufacturing, hospitality, construction and oil & gas after attaining the certificate. You can also increase the chances of getting a promotion soon after. It also becomes easier for the professionals to handle the projects without worrying about hurdles in-between. Various individuals become capable of teaching others from the team on ways to use management tools. Repeat the classes for free if you failed to clear the exam for the first time (within six weeks of completing the course).
The trainer, Dr Singhal, has multiple years to teaching experience at US universities teaching Technology, leadership and strategies. With over 10 years of experience Federal, State and corporate in handling diverse projects with several fortune 500 companies, students are sure to learn the latest and greatest techniques in the industry. 

PMP Certification Classes

Key features
 Live Sunday 7 classes (8AM to 1PM)
 Rolling admission. Join on your schedule.  
 Classes guaranteed to run
 100% passing guarantee (ability to re-take courses)
 10 practice exams
 Flexibility in the schedule and teaching style to cater to individual student
Syllabus (high level) 
Class 1 Introduction
 Introduction to project and project management
 Individual Plan for PMP certification
 Project Life Cycle
 Project Management Process
 PMP Exam registration  
 Sample PMP Exam (Team exercise)
Class 2 Project management  
 Project Management of Knowledge Area
 Project Charter 

 PMP Math
 Management & Leadership styles
 Sample PMP Exam 1
Class 3 Project Metrics: Scope, Cost, Schedule
 Sample PMP Exam 2
 PMP Math
 Project characteristics
Class 4 Project Management Knowledge Areas with IO
 Sample PMP Exam 3
 PMP Math
Class 5 Project Resource Management
 Stakeholder Management 
 Conflict management
 Sample PMP Exam 4
Class 6 Project Risk Management
 Develop Project Management Plan vs Project Documents
 Monitor and Control Project Work
 Procurement management 
 Sample PMP Exam 5
Class 7 Way forward
 Project Communication Management 
 Project Quality Management  
 PMP course review 
 Sample PMP Exam 6

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PMP Certification Training
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