Common Software Testing Myths, Debunked

Even though the software testing is one of the most secure and well-paying professions, a lot of people refrain from choosing it. There are various misconceptions in the mind that keep these individuals away from this promising career path.

We, at Tech Net Geeks, are breaking these myths by offering software testing training. Through this blog post, we discuss these common myths, along with the reality.

Testers don’t become project managers

People believe that it is not possible to be a part of management team if you are a tester. In reality, if you possess skills like time management, cost management and people management, it isn’t difficult to become a project manager.

The job lacks creativity

There are various aspects of testing that involve creativity, such as the formulation of test approaches, execution of tests, and designing of tests. In fact, you won’t get bored even after in this domain for years.

Testing job means a lower pay scale

You will obviously get a low salary if you are not experienced or lack the required skills. But, if you are a good tester, you will surely receive a handsome salary that is much more than other popular jobs, and that too with a good growth.

Testing is equivalent to filling excel sheets

This statement is far from reality. If someone is talking about documentation, then it is something everyone has to be a part of who’s working on a project.

We hope we were able to debunk some common software testing-related myths. If you are searching software testing training in Vienna, connect with us.