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Future Trends From Software Testing Industry

Software testing is one of the promising careers paths with handsome salary and satisfying job profile. This is reason numerous professionals look for software testing training in Virginia.

To make a career out of this sector, it is also important to stay abreast of the latest trends. Let’s have a brief look at the trends that are expected to grow in future.

Proliferation of open source tools

The implementation of open source tools is expected to become a norm soon. This is predicted due to the increasing needs of DevOps, Test Automation, and Agile Management of Software Tests.

Blend of software development and testing

It is possible that developers will also handle testing part related to software. Though it is not going to happen soon, there is a possibility that DevOps will act as a portal for this possible trend.

Testing of big data

The importance of big data is paving the way for big data testing. Soon, the companies will require professional test the compatibility and performance of big data.

IoT testing

IoT is not just a buzzword anymore. It is soon going to become the order of the day. And, means the industries will need IoT testing professionals to test the performance, security, and efficiency related to this technology.

To be a part of this ever-growing field, it is vital that you learn the ins and outs of software testing from a reputable institute. TechNet Geeks is one such institute offering IT training in Virginia.

Learn more about what additional skills you can learn by enrolling for this course.

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