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Software Testing And Software Development: What’s The Difference?

A lot of individuals who want to make a career in software testing have an impression that it is a branch of software development. Though associated with the software life cycle, testing is different than development. Here, at Tech Net Geeks, we offer software testing training in Vienna, Virginia.

Through this blog post, let’s understand how testing is different from development of software.

Software development

It the process of computer programming aimed at creating a new program. It involves all the stages from ideation of the software to the final result. The processes like prototyping, modification, maintenance, and reuse are often included in it. A developer has to write and maintain the source code.

Software testing

After the software has been developed, it goes through the testing process where completeness and quality is analyzed. A software tester finds errors in software that could be rectified before the publishing of the software. The aim is to match the actual results with the expected results.

It is a misconception that testing is not a well-paying job like software development. In reality, you can earn up to 95,000 dollars. You just need to get trained from competent trainers for this purpose.

We, at Tech Net Geeks, offer IT training in Virginia aimed at enhancing the testing skills. Connect with us to acquire skills related to tools like Selenium, SQL, UFT, and Load Runner. We also help you prepare for the interviews related to testing.

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