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Why Is Software QA Testing A Wise Career Option?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

The software testing across the globe is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14 percent by 2022. This prediction was made by market research firm TechNavio. And, to meet the demands of this industry, lots of professionals will be needed in the future.

This shows why choosing software testing as a career is a wise decision. Lots of individuals already seek software QA training in Virginia to kickstart their career.

There is a requirement of testers in every industry that requires software for the functioning. As a tester, you can get a job in healthcare, e-commerce, video game companies, and finance, to name a few.

This job profile involves tracking the bug by testing the software. As the individual knows he/she is contributing to the improvement of a product, it gives a professional satisfaction. Due to this reason, a software tester doesn’t find the job boring or frustrating.

The testers also enjoy their work, as it involves them to apply creativity. They have to think and act as an end-user to identify inconsistencies in a program.

If you like interacting with people, you will surely like this profession. You get to interact with developers, project managers, and even stakeholders. To extract domain knowledge, they need to interact with clients, too.

And yeah, it is a job with a handsome salary. You can get a job in a range of 65 to 95 dollars. You just need to choose a good institute for the right set of skills.

TechNet Geeks is one such institute that offers QA training in Vienna, Virginia. Read more about the training from this institute through this link.

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