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Software Testing (Manual, Automation, API) $2,000

This is one of the fastest growing fields in IT. People with the right skills are highly desired in this field. Companies’ critical revenue generating products are tested and vetted by this group of Software testers before product is released in the market. Manual, Automation and API testing are the key areas class is focused on. (Estimated duration ~ 3 months)

Software Testing:

  • Manual testing: Starting with basic skills on how software testing is done. Hands on exercises using the basic Microsoft tools. Students learn the basic definitions of various type of testing, industry lingo, hands on exercises up to learning inductor SQL.

  • Automation: Once students have learned the basic understanding of what Software testing is, they get to learn how to do it using Automation leveraging Java, Selenium and other suite of tools. This skill is highly demanded in the industry.

  • API testing: API testing is a type of software testing that involves testing application programming interfaces (APIs) directly and as part of integration testing to determine if they meet expectations for functionality, reliability, performance, and security. This is new and highly desired skill set in the Cloud environment (AWS, Azure, etc..)

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